How to Advertise Your Internet Based Business on a Limited Budget


Your Internet Based Business is all set up and you are now ready to start making a fortune, but you have a very limited budget with which to do it. So what are you going to do now?

The first thing you need to do is work out exactly how much money you have available each month to spend on advertising your website and see that youstick to your budget.

Let’s say as an example that after you have paid for your website, domain name and auto responder (items you cannot be without for any Online income business) then all you have over for advertising is $30 a month. That is not a great deal, but there are still lots of things that you can do with just that small amount of money.

In this article we will discuss some of the activities you can still use to generate targeted traffic to your website, which will ultimately result in sales and you can begin to make your fortune.

1. If you have the time available, you can submit your site to literally thousands of website directories, many of them will are free but this is manual work and is time consuming. It will get you lots of back links to your website though and this in turn will get your listed with the search engines.

Alternatively you could use a directory submitter service such as Directory they will submit your website for you. They will submit your site to 35 directories for $5 or 100 directories for $14.

2. You could write five unique articles a month and have them distributed onto hundreds of article publishers with for a total outlay of $10.

3. Time could be spent surfing traffic exchanges for free or you have the opportunity to upgrade your membership on a few of them. Most of them are not very expensive to upgrade to a pro membership and this will give you credits that will give your Online income business a couple of hundred page views, text ad and banner views for as little as $10 in some cases.

Search out traffic exchanges that have been around for a while and are approved by their users, see that they have a good membership base. You would then be able to supplement that with some time spent surfing just for some extra credits.

4. Article marketing is still one of the best methods to generate targeted traffic and although it can be a little slower, you will build credibility within the Internet Based Business marketing world and the articles will be around for many, many years to help your online business continuously send traffic to your website.

If you are limited for time, or are not comfortable writing all the articles yourself, then why not outsource. There are many people working on the internet today who offer their services for all sorts of activities and writing articles is one of them. You can have articles written on your behalf for a small fee which you can then use as your own.

There are hundreds of article directories on the internet where you can have these articles published and this is a great way to generate traffic to your site.

There are many different ways to market your Online income business opportunities business and these are just a few ideas. From these ideas you will be able to see that there are really many opportunities available to advertise your business with very little cost to you.

Initially it will require extra time spent, but as your Online income business opportunities grows you will be able to invest more money into your business and can then spend less time and reap the same rewards. Just work out what activities are best for you and follow those, but stick to your budget whatever you decide.

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