Three Tips You Should Know Related To Internet Marketing


If you have brand new internet marketing, you probably must to read tones of internet marketing e-books to start your business if you want to become a good internet marketer. Probably you have questions about pervasive practices which everyone “in the know” take for granted, but which you find confusing.

I realized this when I got into this conversation with a lawyer to twitter last week, and I opened my eyes to how people perceive the internet marketing, when they are no longer involved in it. Below are some questions and detailed answers.

1. Does anyone read those long sales letters?

I wrote a few myself, but does anyone really read that?

The answer is: “No, buyers read them.”

Get the difference? If it’s something that will resolve your problem, you’ll be very interested in what it says. Buying is often a big decision, which requires sufficient information for the buyer to feel comfortable.

I will use this analogy to explain: Say you are looking for a mate, and the only way to selection one are writing letters to you about themselves. Now, you think you prefer a brief letter, or a long one which describe in detail what it would be possible to know about your potential mate?

If you aren’t looking for a mate, a long and detailed letter “Why should you choose me” will seem too long because you aren’t in the market for a mate. Or, if it is clear from the beginning of the letter that the type of mate is not for you, you’ll skip that particular letter without reading and look at the letter from another mate. If the second appears much more a good game for you, are you reading more? Something tells me you are. In fact, not only you’ll read everything, maybe you will reread just to make sure that mate it’s right for you.

However, there is another reason why buyers wouldn’t read a long sales letter: they already trust the marketer and are convinced they’re already sold. These people hit the sales page and head down as fast as they can to buy.

How is that possible? Marketer has spent a lot of time and effort creating relationships with customers and building trust with them. This is why blogs, email marketing and internet marketing e-books are good. This is often called content marketing or relationship marketing.

2. Why do not show our real site?

One of the things you see everywhere is a particular byproduct of marketing to marketers: you can not actually see the site used by marketers to make millions. This type of internet marketing is only a small part of total internet marketing. Most marketers are too busy making money with their sites and don’t even want to join the “guru” of business.

The reason you can’t see marketers actual sites is not because the marketer is a big liar. And not because what they are doing is evil.

The reason is simple and obvious once you understand: they hide their sites because to reveal them would cause to lose its advantage in this market.

It is human nature to follow someone else who do what already works in such a way that will work for you. Now, if you work better than the other guy, don’t you deserve your earnings?

Not only is natural and normal, it’s smart. If you plan to create an eCommerce site now and you do not have to look at Amazon for an example how to do it right, you might be an idiot.

3. Are those references and case studies for real? How do we know that they are not false?

If you’d like to earn a lot of money on long-haul, do you think you can survive and prosper long if you have fake testimonials and case studies? This is the reasons why there are no URLs for those recommendations: on a sales page, the only link that should be there is the buy button. Any other link can distract the reader and then he will leave the page.
In internet marketing the case study is nothing more than conversations with clients who have succeeded with the product being sold.
In these talks, the aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to succeed with this product. Because others succeeded, you can also. But you will not see the domain or web page or the keywords revealed. “Protection of magic words” applies to the case studies.

You can see screenshots of money earned, or in another market, another kind of unverifiable evidence. For example, if I sell SEO ebooks on how to be on the 1st page on Google, I will have screenshots with sites which are #1 in Google in my SEO ebook. Is there any way to prove its certainly real proof? In most cases, no. This means that evidence is false? In most cases, no, it’s real. I would not be in business very long if I pretended images that could be easily found elsewhere.

We are all familiar with “before and after” images used by miracle diet marketers. In some photos, you can say is the same person, but in others look like two different people. Or they look “photoshopped”. It is possible to do the same with screenshots and totally lie about earnings and numbers. But when thousands of people bought a product that does not work, the marketer wouldn’t be in business very long.

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