How How To Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods


Starting a business, usually costs money, you need a capital. To make money also requires money. One of the big attractions of starting a business on the internet is you don’t need either. With the versatility of the internet, there are many ways you can find to optimize the potential of your site or business in generating free site traffic.

While there are ways to jump start your traffic, many site owners don’t have the resources that others have to generate traffic for their site. When you are starting out usually, you have more time than money, all you need is the proper mindset and a lot of resolve. You must also have the drive and perseverance to do the hard work and research, to generate free website traffic.

How satisfying is it to have more web traffic for your site without it costing a single cent? There are many sites that have articles offering tips and guidelines on how to generate traffic using only free methods. Getting free traffic is a time consuming business. To be honest you will get better results and quicker by paying for advertisements, but at least you get a fighting chance with some of these free methods.

Join Online Communities and Forums

Take advantage of online forums and online communities. The great thing about forums and online communities is that you can pinpoint a certain group that fits the demographic that you are targeting. You can enter discussions about the various topics the niche that you are targeting covers. This approach can be very rewarding in that you not only put yourself out there in the niche but you can also accomplish a lot of research by finding out what people want, need and are concerned about. You will also learn a lot more about the niche itself.

With online communities and forums you can build a reputation for your business. By contributing to the forum or community you can build trust with the people in your expertise and knowledge.

Most forums will not allow you to blatantly advertise in posts but most allow you to include links in your post signature, similar to the bio on article sites. Putting your links in your signature will allow you to increase traffic to site.

Publish A Newsletter

You can also make use of newsletters. Provide people with a catalog of your products and interesting and entertaining articles. If you make it really interesting and entertaining, people will sign up for your newsletter and recommend it to other people. The more people who sign up for your newsletter, the more chance you have of people going to your site, increasing your traffic.

Exchange Links

This is a sure and proven method. You will not often see a site that doesn’t have links to other sites. Many webmasters are willing to exchange links with one another so that they can promote more public awareness about their site.

Obviously, a major prerequisite in exchanging links with other sites is being in the same niche as the other site. They should share a common subject so that there is continuity in the providing of service and information to the interests of your target traffic.

Exchanging links also improves your chances of ranking high in search engine results. It is well known that search engines look positively on sites that have inbound and outbound theme related links. With a good ranking position in the search engines, you should see more web traffic to your website without the high costs.

Write and Submit Articles

There are many e-zines and article directories on the internet which provide free space for articles to be submitted. Write articles that are about your sites niche. Make the article useful and interesting but leave the reader wanting more. That way they will be more likely to visit your site.

Include a resource box at the end of your article that can link them to your site. Write a little about yourself and your site. If you provide a light, information laden and interesting article, you should be able to increase traffic to your website.

Site Content

Write good content for your site. Search engines track down the keywords and keyword phrases your site uses and how they are used. Write content for your site that is entertaining as well as informative. Usually, internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for. Search engines use keywords to index sites and thereby compile their search results. With the right keywords, you could rank highly in search engine results for free.

All of these methods and more will drive traffic to your site for free. All it takes is a bit of effort and time. Learn all you can about the methods depicted here and you will soon have a site with great traffic without the usual costs.

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