Useful Secrets – Choosing Financial Investment Advisor


You will probably agree that a professional financial investment advisor sounds like a great title. Yet few “professional financial advisors” seek the right people to sell a fixed annuity income investment. In fact, to sell a fixed annuity income plan to an already qualified prospect is easy.

In order to choose a really qualified professional financial investment advisor you should know the following important points:

The first wrong assumption is that when you decided or were directed by your sales manager to sell financially related products, you were told the style of people not to waste your time on. As a matter of fact almost all true advisors to investors, along with agency crowned financial representatives are headquartered in the more prosperous suburbs of large metropolitan areas. WRONG. The point is that pounding out freezer burned cold calls and mailers could provide a steady stream of willing investors with sizable assets.

The second wrong assumption is that you as an advisor, selling financial investments, want to work exclusively with executives, and business owners of a certain asset level. A list broker gets instructions by you to target zip codes where the average income is over $100,000, the house worth more than $500,000 and personal liquid assets a similar amount. It should be also pointed out that zip codes can be very deceiving for giving pinpointed fixed income information. You might be wrong that using zip code selection is a good fixed annuity income strategy.

The third wrong assumption is that you receive purchase a guide or lists showing the highest income workers in an area. Attorneys, physicians, and physical store owners would be among the top prospects listed. Obviously, not anyone not on your occupational list or wealthy senior over 65 is worth pursuing. The non-workers as they must be bums, stuck in the middle class, or sliders on other people’s income. As concerning people that are social security disabled or who inherited money you should keep in mind to completely ignore that possibilities exist.

The other important thing foe you to take into consideration is that there are simple clues, which a flood of professional financial investment advisors could not figure out. Before the economic downturn, if even one had figured this out, he or she would have made a worthwhile fixed annuity income sale. Here is the other underground method to finding overlooked leads. Just look at the newspaper obituaries posted where services take place at upscale funeral facilities and you will see that right there are a listed supply of names and cities of people who may come into inheritances, or be soon changing their lifestyles.

Finally, you should keep in mind that to earn money in insurance or as a financial investment advisor, adapt to conducting business in a different manner than everyone else.

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