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How This Robot Came About:

You’ see three years ago, I was hired as chief programmer for a small European hedge fund. The fund had just been given $2,000,000 in seed capital and intended to create some kind of software technology that could accurately predict the financial markets.

I was relocated to Switzerland where I was to lead a team of 3 developers, in a small office on the outskirts of Zurich.

This had never been accomplished before. No one in history has ever used computers to consistently beat the stock market.

But this fund was in a special position…

The owner of the fund was a guy from California, called Dr. Robert Finn. Before starting the hedge fund, Robert was very wealthy but also very bored. He got rich (the first time) by starting a company in 1970 which he sold out to Coca-Cola just three years later in 1973.

As part of the deal, he had to sign a “non-compete” agreement with a duration of five years.

After that five years ended, he went back in business and built up another company which was soon acquired by the giant AMF Corporation.

After that, Robert developed proprietary GPS tracking software for Palisade, Inc. …and in the first year… they did $51 million in sales with that product.
And So On…

You get the idea. You’ see this guy was a pioneer in the field of “Artificial Neural Networks” (more about those later). And this guy was even a professor of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University.

And Robert used his pioneering university research… To build software for some of the world’s largest corporations.

He helped Audi build the first computer system inside a car… His software was even used in the first email spam filters in 1999.

His Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence software had many thousands of commercial uses. And it had already made him extremely rich…

This Guy Has A Mind That Just Won’t Quit!

And at the age of 59, continuing his research at the University just bored this guy to tears. This time he wanted to use his research…

To build something truly amazing!

He wanted to use his artificial intelligence technology to build an automated “Stock Trading Robot”… That could accurately predict exactly what stocks were about to rocket in price.


Let Me Explain…

Dr. Robert Finn is a pioneer in the research of “Artificial Neural Networks”… These networks act like an artificial brain.

At the “heart” of the robot is a database of chart patterns. These patterns are guarded heavily… And are even encrypted within the robot.

You’ see… When a stock forms one of these stock patterns, they almost always rise… Usually within hours. And though most of these patterns only lead to 20 or 30% gains… They are extremely safe trades.
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