Money Management Rules (Part II). Useful Info to Remember


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If you risk too much, you lose a large portion of your account. Risk more to try to recover the lost amount and lose all your account. There is another form of failure. You are able to grow your account 20% annually. On the surface, you may be a successful investor. But, if you had a good money management plan you could have made 40% annually. So was it a success or failure.

How much is truly at risk in a single trade? Many traders misunderstand this. Suppose you have a $10,000 account. You buy one lot of EUR/USD that is $100,000. Your broker will set aside $1000 in your account as a margin. So how much of your money is at risk? Many would say only $1000. They are wrong. You have now only $9,000 to trade. So your risk is $9,000. You could lose up to this much before you receive a margin call from your broker.

A margin call is an order when your broker automatically takes you out of the trade because you have no more money left in your account. Once you get the margin call, it means you are out of the trade and have only $1000 left in your account. So how could you lose $9,000 in a trade?

Each pip on a EUR/USD contract costs $10. So if you lose 900 pips (900*10=9000), you have lost $9,000. Many would say where the stop loss is. You are right; you don’t need to risk your whole account on a single trade. You can use stop losses to protect your position. You could place a stop loss at 100 pips losing $1000 only or 50 pips losing only $500.

No matter where you set the stop loss, the amount of money that you set aside with your broker as margin does not tell you anything about the risk unless you plan to get a margin call. Understand these common money management pitfalls. Until and unless, you do not develop your own money management rules, you will most likely slip into one or more of these pitfalls.

Investors who enjoy the greatest amount of success in their forex trading are those who have clearly established rules that govern their trading. Those rules are; 1) Live to trade another day, 2) Knowing how much to risk and 3) Knowing how to determine the trade size. You should read Part III of this article to know more on these rules.

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