Habits of Successful forex professionals


Here is a test case…let’s say we have two traders and we give the same amount of starting capital, strategy, platform, broker and the same market conditions, and compare their foreign exchange trading results after a specific time-frame. I can assure you that one will have made good profit while the other will have underperformed.

The above illustrates the statistical fact that over 70% of the budding forex traders out there never see their account flourish into a serious account balance. While the other 30% enjoy significant gains, a great lifestyle and have all the time to do what they so wish. What is so special about the latter and what makes them so successful? Are they born with the Midas touch or is it luck of the draw for them?

The simple answer that separatesthe successful from the not so successful is: Habits. You see, successful forex traders took the time to learn and develop the right habits. The beginning was always hard but over time they have build up and eventually mastered the habits.

“So what are the habits of successful fx trading pros?” I hear you ask…

1. Positive Attitude

Let me explain, you can know all the tips|tricks, strategies, and insider information out there, but if you have secretly been negating yourself the opportunity to succeed with self-limiting then your chance at success will be much harder.

2. Application of knowledge

This one is a biggie, you may have heard of the old saying “Knowledge is power”… well i do not necessarily agree. I think it would be more appropriate to say “Knowledge applied is power”. Nothing beats real-life experience to help you learn from mistakes and fast track the road to success.

3. Passion

All the most super successful people I know have this in common: they are absolutely in love about what they do and are always surrounded by a positive force of productivity. Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Alexander Graham Bell and countless more have accounted their success to having a passion for what they did.

4. Having a System

It will take time to finetune all the strategies, charts, hours etc. to a style that fits with your style of living. This point is related with point number 2. You will need to apply all that you learn (take it one step at a time), and over time you will effortlessly fall into a healthy habit, ala system.

5. Controlling the Emotions

There are whole books written on the psychology of trading .Your emotions can be your biggest ally and also worst enemy in times of trading the forex market. That is why it is recommended to get used to the market via a demo account and once you are ready trade small and then increase the capital size as your earnings grow.

6. Never Stop Learning

Learning can be anything from 1 minute update on the finance news, to learning new strategies. Successful people make a habit of never stopping to learn something new everyday. You should make it a goal to learn something new everyday… and slowly it all adds up at the end with great profits and a happier lifestyle

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