Forex Killer Advantages. Interesting Info to Consider


Working at one of the world’s most prestigious banks is certainly an accolade but does work experience at an elite financial institution mean you can create a worthwhile forex trading software?

The Forex Killer software, aside from it’s clever name contains embedded mathematical algorithms which analyzer when to buy and sell foreign currencies on the forex market.

The Forex Killer software is a valuable tool for Forex trading, but is certainly no substitute for a basic knowledge of the Forex market.

Andreas Kirkberger Forex Killer software has certainly created a lot of buzz in the forex industry . The software was easy to download and install . The more data you can feed forex killer, the better. It will automatically generate long term as well as short term currency signals.

Forex Killer also allows you to put a stop loss easily and it is important to put a stop loss on your trades especially if you are new to currency trading. Andreas also provide technical support if you need help with his software. Although Andreas claims you do not need any currency trading knowledge to use forex killer, I feel you still need some basic knowledge to know what you are doing.

A detailed Forex Killer review on Yahoo Business states that “Andreas Kirchberger’s System is proven to be an easy Trading System, allowing newcomers to enter the Forex Market . The add-on, called Forex Killer Automater of AutoFxK for short, will grab the currency quotes automatically from your MetaTrader platform and feed it into Forex Killer, 100% automatically! . It is also offering a cash bonus to open a Forex trading account with a Forex brokerage firm. Another recent detailed review of Forex Killer also indicates that this product doesn’t have any monthly fees to it and you can start trading on any free demo account!

It is software, a very well designed and thoroughly tested software but is only software.

Unlike the so-called “Forex Robots” which are completely automated trading software applications which make decisions and open and close positions 100% automatically, Forex Killer will only inform you of a potentially profitable trade. ) The Forex book that comes as a bonus with Forex Killer is really basic. If you want to learn more about Forex then you’d do good to find another educational resource on the topic of Forex trading. don’t worry – there are many forex related web sites offering numerous free or paid Forex education resources online.

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