Foreign Currency: Largest Market Known


forex was once one of the financial world’s best -kept secrets, but no any more. As the largest financial market in the world, it has become more and should have been better known. It eluded most people, remaining the sole domain of the large banks, huge corporations and other financial entities that apparently did not like sharing their information with the world. Now most investors are aware of the global currency market ad there are an ever growing number of accounts being created daily. Investors from all levels are trying to find good investment vehicles, and Forex (FX) is primed for their investigations.

The Foreign Exchange or Forex does not trade stocks, futures or options, it is one of the most exciting, fast paced and largest market through which currency is traded. The Internet has allowed the typical investor the ability to trade the currency market. It is available 24/7 six days a week. This highly liquid market allows traders to profit at virtually anytime. Traders can easily profit from rising markets or falling markets. Simply initiate a trade on the buy side when the market is rising or initiate a sell if the market is retreating. Unlike the stock exchange and other financial markets there is no centralized exchange. All trades are placed through computer networks, known as “otc”s or over-the-counter from almost anywhere in the world. The worldwide market is open 24 hours a day which creates a highly active market for traders to participate in.

forex trading can feel like a vacation for the traders who deal with financial products in other markets. Not only are there less governing bodies to deal with, it means less binding rules and regulations to pay heed to when making your trades as well. For instance, in the Forex world, there is no such thing as “insider trading”- if you know something either harmful or beneficial to the exchange rate of the Euro, then feel free to capitalize on that information at will. If you had equivalent information and were dealing on the stock exchange, that activity would get you in hot water to say the very least. Buyer beware, Forex trading should not be viewed as easy, even without the more stringent rules in place. Trading Forex requires an investment plan, discipline and a strategy. Forex trades nearly two trillion US dollars per day from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. That is twelve trillion dollars per week, six hundred and twenty four trillion per year. Those numbers increase daily

Before you get the mental image of Forex traders walking up to some building with wheelbarrows full of wadded up cash ready to exchange, trade or sell, you should understand a few things. The FX market technically sells “nothing”. Trades are done by computer, and may be described best as a “speculative market”. The market exchanges one currency type for another, for whatever reason that might need to be done, for example, payroll in a multinational corporation or tourism. Currencies traded in the FX market are the Swiss Franc, the Euro, Japanese Yen, and Canadian, Australian & US dollar.
The market consists of Banks, brokerage firms, world wide corporations, national corporations, funds and individuals investors like you and I. Millions of people around the globe are using Forex to diversify and increase their net worth. All you need is the right knowledge and the internet. A click of the button and the trade is on.

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This information is in no way advise for trading and is for educational purposes only. Consult professional advise when considering investing.

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