Secrets – Building Wealth and Success is Easy…..NOT!!


In fact, building wealth is EASY once you have the simple strategies used by the Millionaires and Billionaires of our age. One close friend has doubled his investing , safely in the last three weeks. Following strategies for trading the futures market, and software which tracks these US markets live, he is ecstatic with these results.

But getting to this point where he could achieve these results was not easy!

Pursuing the same path, we have been faced with obstacle after obstacle.

Setting up brokerage accounts to trade the markets – a heap of paperwork having to be done and redone, problems establishing bank trading accounts, more paperwork, then problems getting the trading platform working.

All in all the process has taken many months and around $8000.00 to set in place. Now we can begin live trading and follow the footsteps of our friend. Many times we were tempted to give up. Many times the frustrations had us tearing our hair out. But finally all is ready!

The question is How Much Do You Want it?? Enough to push on through the problems and barriers?? You see it is possible but only to those who overcome triumph.

My friend was excited at his success in doubling his money in three weeks and started to tell his workmates and friends. He was astounded at the response. They were critical and jealous. But none of them asked to learn how to do the same. Is it that they are not prepared to change what they are doing to accommodate success in their lives? Are they too fearful that once again they will fail? Or have they been brainwashed that high return = high risk?

We are linked with Millionaire Mentors who have successfully built their wealth from nothingzilch money. We are using their proven strategies to build your investing . We are not reinventing the wheel or doing this on our own, we simply follow and succeed. Do you really want to succeed? Do you want a better lifestyle? To keep doing the same things day after day and expecting different results is INSANE!!

We invite and challenge you to do what we are doing……MAKE A RADICAL CHANGE! StartInitiate money the process; push through the barriers and difficulties. People who succeed have only one difference than those who don’t; they get up one more time than they fall down. They won’t stay down. Failure, is not an option, they refuse to fail.

One of our mentors has two signs on his office wall, Can’t is not an option and No is not an option. We are the masters of our own destiny, we stop where we decide to stop, we fail where we decide to fail, and we press forward on where we decide to succeed.
We all have had a dream, what we would love to achieve with our lives. Yet so many never realize their dream, why not? The dream is our dream, our vision, our purpose, and yet we allow pessimistic influences, the difficulties standing between us and the realization of our dream, to stop us from pushing through and bringing our dream to reality. No one can take our dream from us; UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO!

We play the blame game, I’d be successful if it wasn’t for ……………… What is it you are blaming? Your partner, the banks, the government, your parents, your circumstances, …what are you blaming. Truth is you let your dream drop, you decided it couldn’t be done; you decided you weren’t god enough. Desist giving the power over your life to others. By proclaiming it’s their fault, you acknowledge they have more power over your destiny that you do! Hogwash. It is this way only because YOU ALLOW IT.

You can design your destiny, starting today, it begins by taking responsibility for the outcomes in your life and by being determined to overcome the difficulties along the way. Blessed are those who overcome. So pick up your game, take up the challenge and be who you are designed to be, a creative over comer, realizing your dreams.
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