Important Essentials – Investment Choices of Today


Frankly speaking, in today’s world, people have no choice but to invest. Yes, it’s high time to sow a seed, and wait for the time when a fruitful tree will appear and give you fruits on regular interval. The act of sowing the seed can be compared to investment. In the money market, money is the seed, money is the fruit. There is also a need to add that here the human intelligence is displayed by the place, where they put the seed in order to get the maximum fruits. As you know, housing, stock securities, bonds, property are some of the classic places for your investments.

As a matter of fact investment is considered to be a method of letting money work for you with the purpose of generating more income or service. It should be also added here that basically there has come up four types of investment.

The first one is investing your goods or equivalent money in order to create long-lasting consumer good, hoping to get a better life by using the good. As an example it could be named here building a house for oneself.

The second type of investment is entrepreneurial. It means that the people use the resources in order to create goods and services for others, and sells it for the profits.

Direct lending the money or good for getting interest is the third type (these incorporate bonds).

The forth type of investment is giving money to an organization and then becoming a stakeholder in that organization. Simply speaking, the more the organization earns, the more the investor gains and vice versa (this is called a share of business).

The point is that in the first two types, the capital stays with you, and in the next two types, you give the control of your capital to someone. Of course, it includes more risk, but returns are easier and higher. The truth is that whenever you invest, the risk is always involved. The way to reduce the risk is diversification, that is, to decrease the effect of fluctuation of a single security on the overall investment that is possible to be done in three ways:

1. To spread the investment among variable investment vehicles, for example, shares, mutual funds, bonds, and others.
2. To spread the investment in different risk zones. In general, low risk investment will give low returns, and on the contrary. Therefore you should spread your investment in different risk zones.
3. To spread the investment in variable industries and in variable geographical places.

Being an investor you should also keep in mind few things that must be analyzed before investing the money or any capital

• The liquidity and marketability of the stocks concern.
• Tax on the interest.
• Time duration of the investment.
• Diversification to spread the risk.
• Risk tolerance and management.
• Possible interest gained on investment.

Finally there is a need to point out that the investment goal is producing future cash flows, while at others it may be for purposes of gaining access to more assets by establishing control or influence over the operation of a second company. The other important and not common type of investment to take into consideration is investment in gold and silver. You see, gold and silver almost keep its value in spite of economic, political, social, currency-based crisis, and with time the value of gold grows up. And that is the reason why you can think of purchasing the gold and selling it when needed, and most often gets a good return.

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